[MetArtFilms.com] Lika Star – Sex Glove (2021)

[MetArtFilms.com] Lika Star – Sex Glove (2021)[MetArtFilms.com] Lika Star – Sex Glove (2021)
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Cute blonde Lika Star is shopping online, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie “Sex Glove” begins. She’s looking for something special, and she’s thrilled when she receives a package containing a pair of textured black latex gloves. She tries one on and runs the penis-shaped tips over her skin, sucking the knobbly fingers avidly. Pulling down her top, she squeezes her beautiful breasts and taps the mock-cock digits against her stiffening nipples, then slides a hand between her thighs to stroke herself through her panties. When she tugs her underwear aside, her shaved pussy is drenched, and she moans with pleasure as she thrusts a latex-sheathed finger inside. Soon she’s naked and masturbating hard, fucking herself with two shiny, juice-smeared fingers, the latex ridges driving her wild. Her gasps of arousal grow more urgent as she frigs herself frantically, bending like a pretzel and shoving a finger into her tight asshole, her body trembling uncontrollably as her sex glove gives her an intense orgasm.

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[MetArtFilms.com] Lika Star – Sex Glove (2021)[MetArtFilms.com] Lika Star – Sex Glove (2021)

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