[Abbywinters.com] Anabelle, Justina – Watching Friend (2021)

[Abbywinters.com] Anabelle, Justina – Watching Friend (2021)[Abbywinters.com] Anabelle, Justina – Watching Friend (2021)
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Anabelle is excited to show Justina her favorite girl-girl porn video, and they lay side by side on the floor, to enjoy it together. “This one actually reminds me of you: she’s also ginger!” Justina exclaims. “I think she’s so pretty, thank you so much!” Anabelle happily replies. Getting aroused by the hot scissoring action on the screen, the girls caress each other’s bare breasts and start touching between their legs. With a knowing glance, they put the computer away, whip off their panties at the same time, and begin masturbating to each other instead.

The friends share a similar technique, rubbing little circles on their clits, before slipping their fingers inside, once they’re really excited. Anabelle reaches orgasm first, shuddering with a quietly breathy release, then gives a cheeky look to Justina, whose pleasure is still building. She adoringly admires Anabelle’s naked body, eyes glowing with lust at her perky nipples and the sprinkle of red hair on her pussy. When Justina’s gaze reaches Anabelle’s glasses, she cries out with a blissful climax. To thank her friend for the beautiful visual stimulation, Justina playfully feeds her grapes, and the satisfied girls hold hands as they drift off to sleep.

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[Abbywinters.com] Anabelle, Justina – Watching Friend (2021)[Abbywinters.com] Anabelle, Justina – Watching Friend (2021)

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